Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pet Peeves of the Week

Yep, I've got two of them right now.
  • First, it's five weeks into classes. How do you NOT have any of your books yet? On top of that, what makes someone think they have a right to complain when we don't have a copy on-hand? You have a test tomorrow... hmmm... probably should have thought about picking your book up a little bit sooner.
  • Second, why do students come in and say the class title for the book they need? Yes, we've got every course title memorized, along with the books that go with it... Example:

"Um, I need a book."

"Ok, for what class?"

"Um, Con Law I think."

"Is that Poli. Sci.?"

"Maybe.... I don't know."

"Ok, do you know the course number?"


"How about the professor's name?"

"I think it might start with an 'R.'"


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy : )

So, for you working girls who won't be tuning in on time, I am taping Grey's Anatomy this thursday and plan on watching it Thursday night at 11ish if you want to join Kari and I for the season premiere and a glass of wine or two? LoL Otherwise, if you miss it and can't make it, let me know if you wanna borrow the tape : )

This is Allison for those of you who don't know my aol screen name : )

Question to Kristal!!

How much did you pay for your HPR class over J-term?? I am thinking about taking it and want to know how much dough I am gonna have to fork over : ) Thanks!!

I'm probably getting annoying...

Sorry for all the e-mails, but now I figured out how to let other people write on this blog. So yeah. Now you can all be "authors" too.

Stef :o)


Are you going to be around this weekend?

Renee's coming to visit for Oktoberfest, so in honor of that, we should probably have a TR get-together of some sort. Dinner, fest grounds, and/or downtown? If you're interested, let me know. Renee should be here around 7 on Friday night so we could do dinner then. Yay Oktoberfest!

Stef :o)

Monday, September 24, 2007

TR Girls

Hi Girls,

For a class this semester, I have to create a blog... I definitely had a case of writer's block until I read that one type of blog is between co-workers. What better topic to blog about than Textbook Rental? I thought that this blog could serve a few purposes:

  • We could use it as a way to keep in touch! To me, this is the most important aspect of this blog. I miss all of you who have graduated- I know that others back at TR do as well. Let us know what's going on in your lives! Also, I know that I don't get to work with everyone so it'd be fun to hear what's new with you too. :o)
  • Notes on the counter work fine, but we could use this to plan TR Nights, etc.
  • Let's be honest... people who stop down at Textbook Rental do stupid things. If you have a funny story to share, post it here.
  • Sometimes we run out of projects at TR... and you can only spend so much time on Facebook before you start to become a stalker.

If you have some free time and want to help me out with this project, I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Stef :o)